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Electronisounds is proud to present our first release from the innovative European music production company, RHYTHM LAB. NEURO FUNK is an exclusive collection of cutting-edge sounds, beats and loops to add the newest flavor to your music. Take your work to the next level with the freshest drum 'n bass, jungle, acid, hardcore, big-beat, trip-hop, trance, ambient, IDM and experimental samples available.

Jam packed with over 1,000 **all-new** samples, NEURO FUNK delivers creative ideas and tools for making huge, fat tracks for electronica music, adding personality and hooks to pop and rock music--or lending any high-tempo track a unique edge. Plus, you can slice the samples to get even more versatility with use on lower BPMs.

Over 150 bass loops and sounds that will fatten up any track -- huge bass tones that will rumble your sub-woofer -- thick synth basses that will round out the e.q. of your track -- many different bass waves for plenty of variety.

Major and minor chords, stabs and hits -- big and thick square-wave tones, to gritty and distorted saw-wave tones -- lush and layered, light and sweet, to fuzzy and fat, thin and filtered.

Over 150 high-tempo drum loops versatile for nearly any genre -- acoustic kit jams that are perfect for pop and rock arrangements -- perfectly produced digital kits for electronica genres -- huge beats with personality for the main percussion track -- skillfully programmed beats for layering and breaks.

Pulsing, moving textures of multiple sounds blended for maximum effect and bottom end -- clean and pure layers, to big and dramatic pads -- breathy, panned synths that make your speakers come alive -- filtered sweeps and swells to enhance any frequency.

This bonus folder contains edgy sounds and melodic grooves, basslines, lead synths, arpeggios, hits and layers for a bold and unique addition to your track.

Nearly a hundred big and bright synth sounds to add depth and movement to your arrangement -- evolving and lush sounds to compliment other instruments -- edgy and unique sounds to add that special lead synth part.

Unique drum loops for breaks, intros and transitions, at 160 and 170 BPM -- perfect phrases for jungle and drum 'n bass styles -- acoustic and electronic sounds for versatility -- pitch-stretched and sliced loops for dramatic changes and breakdowns or solos.

Over 200 drum and percussion sounds -- acoustic and electronic drums for cross-over uses -- build your own kit or add that perfectly recorded percussion sound to round out your existing drum tracks.

Aggressive and gritty high-tempo drum loops, from 150 to 175 BPM -- vocoded loops, distorted loops, bit-crushed loops -- filtered and effected for an edgy addition to your track's percussion.

More than 50 thick, lush textures to enrich ambient pieces and soundtracks -- huge, fat synth layers to add backbone to your arrangements and electronic pieces -- dark and soulful minor chords, ethreal and smooth major chords -- filtered, resonating techno pads and sweeps.

Dramatic, spacey and ethreal pads and sounds with plenty of digital effects and filtered movement.

Everyone at Electronisounds is excited to offer this impressive new collection of samples from the craftsmen at RHYTHM LAB. We hope that you enjoy these fresh sounds and drum loops on NEURO FUNK. We are confident that this material will be easy to use, and will add professional-level personality and style to your tracks.

Bass Folder - 65MB, 152 samples
Breaks Folder - 8MB, 18 samples
Chord Folder - 76MB, 112 samples
Drums Folder - 25MB, 233 samples
Loop Folder - 78MB, 156 samples
Loop FX Folder - 35MB, 81 samples
Multi-Pad Folder - 62MB, 28 samples
Pad Folder - 102MB, 51 samples
Playa Folder - 30MB, 38samples
SFX Folder - 85MB, 61 samples
Synth Folder - 106MB, 91 samples

These .wav's will also work directly with the AKAI S5000 & S6000, Roland SP-606 or any other hardware or software sampler that can read standard .wav samples.


- 600 Mb Complete Pack Content.
- 16 bits / 44.1khz
- PC/MAC Compatible (Logic, Cubase, Live, Reason, SonyAcid, Fruity loops, GarageBand, etc...)


- Wav


All of the content is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these audio loops in your music releases, both commercial and underground, with no restrictions.

How to Order:

Simply click BUY "Add to Cart". When you finish your order, click "checkout". If you are a new costumer you need create an account, if you are a returning costumer only fill up the form. Your Download Link will be sent in you account in Loophunter immediately after your payment has been received.
For any problem send a email info@loophunter.com

*Note: The previews are low resolution MP3s. The quality of the files you will receive will of course be much higher, uncompressed WAV-AIFF, stereo, 44k, 16-24 bit.

Producer: Electronisounds

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