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SOLID GOLD BEATS is a super-versatile collection of 267 drumloops with tempos ranging from 65bpm to 158bpm.

All the beats you need for serious tech house, electro, tekno, trip hop, breaks, dubstep, illbient, trance, DnB and more are jam-packed into this all-new downloadable sample library!

We're also giving you the hook up with 247 BONUS samples, including:
bass sounds, drum sounds, fx loops, fx sounds and synth sounds!
Use these to program your own melodic elements over these kickin' beats!

Everything you need to push your cones hard is here, mate!

Enjoy! And keep yer head noddin' --

For best results, preview each sample by itself before trying to work it into your mixes, as it's much easier to get the feel for how the sample should work in your song this way. Use a program like "SoundForge" that allows you to hear each sample before you load it for easy previewing... You can "scroll" through sounds quickly this way.
This is especially helpful when previewing synth or bass sounds because you will know how the envelope of your sampler should be set ahead of time. Try experimenting with shorter or longer release times on your sampler's Amplitude Envelope until the sound plays back to your liking. Bass sounds and drumloops typically get a very short release time (even zero sometimes!) while a pad sound may require a much longer envelope release time to sound correct.

Some samples are meant to be played in a certain keyboard range. SO WHAT!
Don't be afraid to play that bass sample 2 or 3 octaves higher and use it as a phat LEAD SYNTH!
Grab that pad or chord sample, chop into it a bit with your sampler's "start-time" control and "release" control and use it as a MEAN and unique stab! That low, low sample you love? Play it way up on the octave range for some unique sounds... You get the picture - EXPERIMENT and HAVE FUN!!

Use your FX wisely! They open the door for you to change the tone and "vibe" of the part to suit your mix. Phaser on a clean-recorded bassline is always phunky. Tempo-synched gates on pads quenched in reverb can make for trip hop dubby-ness, all the way to trance heaven! How about some flanger on that lead synth line? Today, almost every virtual music production software suite comes packed with these fx and many, many more. These programs allow you to stack fx on top of fx, making possible so many unique combinations that you are unlikely to find another artist producing the loop you just used "the same way" as you did.

One of the best tips I can give you is, LAYER your drums!! Grab more kicks, snares, claps & crashes and layer them on top of your main drumloops/drum tracks - use extra snares or percussions for rolls, etc. Try layering one drumloop played through a hi-pass filter with another drumloop played clean for serious percussive rhythms. Try adding your favorite delay (filter delay, x-delay and our UBERGATE work GREAT for this!!) on the hi-passed drum loop, or your favorite bass-expander on the clean drumloop for phat and phunky results!

CHOP UP YOUR LOOPS! -- If you don't have REX2 loops, but rather WAV loops -- CHOP 'EM UP! Most virtual samplers and sequencing programs have slicing tools built-in now.
(examples: Orion, Fruity Loops, Cubase, Ableton Live or even make your OWN REX2 loops with RECYCLE)
Be sure to experiment with slicing loops and beats - you can change the pitches of notes, re-arrange the entire loop, or even change the tempo of the whole groove! This can help you program original rolls and turn-arounds, breaks and intros, etc. with just one loop!

Get to really KNOW your sampler! Utilize it's LFO's, filters, envelopes and pitching abilities!
Don't be afraid to play that loop a few notes (or even octaves) above or below where the original tempo lies!

Automation can be your best friend! Most all music production suites have automation abilities now. Record sweeping changes in your filters, pitches, panning - you name it! Really make your samples perform for you!

Layering synth samples can be a great way to get that "THICK" lead sound you're after. Don't be afraid to layer multiple synth samples performing the exact same part on different tracks to get the sound you need. You could even have 3 differnent synths playing your lead and pan them around a bit for extra thickness!
If you want to get extreme, layer a WILDLY lfo'd copy of your lead synth part to bring into your track for that special moment when you want to add some serious SPICE!

Sometimes, a loop will have some extra tail-end to allow for the proper FX decay.
(i.e. the reverb decay of a pad loop, or delay on a synth riff.) When you come across these type of samples and loops, simply trigger the loop as you would normally, and set the "release" of the amplitude envelope on your sampler to maximum to re-produce the loop as intended. Now the fx decay will "bleed" over the start of the following measure and flow correctly.

Don't forget the filters!! Some loops will sound wildly different when ran through a filter with a good amount of resonance - EXPERIMENT! Also, put your filter's LFO to good work and move the cutoff to get more life from these samples (assuming your filter has an LFO). Assigning an LFO to pan the sound(s) gently can also help add "dimension" to your tracks.
If your sampler is capable, load a lead synth sound and assign the velocity to affect the filter cutoff and you can program some wild filtered lead synthlines (ala Prodigy: Voo-Doo People)!

Make your mix phatter and more complete by adding in samples from different sample CD's, sample collections you've downloaded or your personal sound/sample collections. Using loops or samples from different producers can really help your music sound unique.

Use your virtual intruments to add your own parts over your sampled grooves! Add a few of your OWN phrases and riffs to your tracks that feature sampled loops. This will really help drive home YOUR unique sound. Get some flava' on - and jam along with your new groove via midi keyboard or even mouse! A few extra tracks played or programmed by you on top of some samples you've tweaked and arranged, and your next masterpiece is finished!

Don't forget the PANNING controls in your sampler and sequencer!
If you're looking at your mixer and every track in your song is panned straight up and down, your mix can sound dull and flat. Try panning a pad or lead synthline a bit to the right or left and you'll hear your track start to open up and sound fatter! When programming your own drum parts, be sure to pan a few of your sounds a bit - experiment, but be sure to keep your kick drums straight up and un-panned.


- 400 Mb Complete Pack Content.
- 16 bits / 44.1khz
- PC/MAC Compatible (Logic, Cubase, Live, Reason, SonyAcid, Fruity loops, GarageBand, etc...)


- Acid Wav

*Note: Acid Wav Format, automatically loop sync to the tempo (bpm) project.


All of the content is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these audio loops in your music releases, both commercial and underground, with no restrictions.

How to Order:

Simply click BUY "Add to Cart". When you finish your order, click "checkout". If you are a new costumer you need create an account, if you are a returning costumer only fill up the form. Your Download Link will be sent in you account in Loophunter immediately after your payment has been received.
For any problem send a email info@loophunter.com

*Note: The previews are low resolution MP3s. The quality of the files you will receive will of course be much higher, uncompressed WAV-AIFF, stereo, 44k, 16-24 bit.

Producer: Electronisouns

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