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Welcome to "Groove-A-Liptic"! We are hooking you up once again with our first .wav format "GROOVES-ONLY" sample collection. Here you'll find a MASSIVE amount of new grooves to mix up, sequence out and base new tracks on! We've provided grooves for you in just about every genre of electronica here, from Trance, DnB & Lo-Fi to Trip Hop, Electro & experimental.

We've tried to appease ALL electronic music producers with this collection - and with this much variety, there really is something for everyone here. OVER 600MB of samples!

Simply load all the samples from ANY of these kits into your virtual or hardware sampler(s) of choice and start sequencing instantly. With this WAV sample CD-ROM, you can create full pro-sounding electronic tracks in no time!

We've provided the drums for each of these grooves in many varieties, including: Full drums, Full drums w/NO crash, Hats only, Full drums w/NO kick, etc... We've also included the individual "one-shot" drum samples from the all the drumloops too, so you can expect plenty of phat kicks and snares to expand your beats with.

You can quickly and easily customize these drum beats to suit your tastes.

With FIFTY-SEVEN groove kits on this sample CD, you're SURE to find grooves that suit your production style(s).

Many of these groove kits would be perfect for soundtrack, television and video game scoring.

How about a folder of *BONUS* drum samples collected from our other sample CD's? We've hooked you up with 25MB (295 individual samples) of drum hits in six folders: alien junglist drums, elastic dnb drum kit, jb's nu skool breaks drums, mello kit #1, nu club drums, serious electro 2 - drumkit#1.

Still want more samples? OK! How about 34MB (127 samples) of DEMO samples from our other CD titles? You'll be exploring this sample collection for years!

Owners of sampler/sequencer grooveboxes such as the Roland SP-606, Yamaha SU700, Electribe ES-1, Roland MV-8000 and AKAI MPC series will find these samples very easy to work with and build new tracks from.

Mix and match samples from multiple groove kits. Layer drumloops with others of the same BPM. (Try playing back 2 drumloops of the same bpm, with one playing an octave higher or lower than the original bpm.) Use the PADS or ONE-SHOTS from different kits of the same key to fatten your mix.

Chop-up and re-arrange the drumloops and basslines with a "groove-slicing" tool such as recycle, Wave Surgeon, or the built-in groove-slicer inside ORION VIRTUAL STUDIO.

Don't forget to LAYER your drums!! Grab more kicks, snares, claps & crashes from other kits and layer them on top of your main drums - use extra snares for rolls, etc.

Some of these samples have extra tail end on them to allow for the proper FX decay. (I.E. the reverb decay of a sax riff, or delay on a synth riff). When you come across these type of samples, simply trigger the loop as you would normally, and set the "release" of the amplitude envelope on your sampler to maximum to re-produce the loop as we intended.

These Kits are in no way intended to be complete songs. Some kits are large with many samples, while others are small with as few as five samples. Use these kits to bring you inspiration and/or to get your tracks started or finished quickly.

Don't forget the vocals!! Some of these grooves are almost crying out for vocals to be laid down over them - find yourself a soul-diva or a rapper and get recording!!

Don't forget the filters!! Some of these basslines and drumloops will sound GREAT when ran through a Low-Pass filter with a good amount of resonance - EXPERIMENT!

These .wav's will also work directly with the AKAI S5000 & S6000, Roland SP-606 or any other hardware or software sampler that can read standard .wav samples.


- 600 Mb Complete Pack Content.
- 16 bits / 44.1khz
- PC/MAC Compatible (Logic, Cubase, Live, Reason, SonyAcid, Fruity loops, GarageBand, etc...)


- Wav


All of the content is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these audio loops in your music releases, both commercial and underground, with no restrictions.

How to Order:

Simply click BUY "Add to Cart". When you finish your order, click "checkout". If you are a new costumer you need create an account, if you are a returning costumer only fill up the form. Your Download Link will be sent in you account in Loophunter immediately after your payment has been received.
For any problem send a email info@loophunter.com

*Note: The previews are low resolution MP3s. The quality of the files you will receive will of course be much higher, uncompressed WAV-AIFF, stereo, 44k, 16-24 bit.

Producer: Electronisouns

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