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Hello Drum 'N Bassers, Dubbers & jungleheadz!
Welcome to "Drum And Bass Void!"

Our 2nd Drum And Bass sample Pack; DnB Void explores the deeper, darker side of this dubby-bassy-frenetic genre.

It's the perfect companion sample CD to go with our, "Elastic Drum And Bass" disc. Filled with over 650MB of *all-new* samples, this disc brings 850+ sounds and loops to your workstation! You'll find everything you could need for making DnB, Jungle, Idm, Speed Tech, or other fast-tempo and agressive electronica here - from drumloops and drum sounds, to basses, pads, synths, chords & fx - it's PACKED, mate! We've even crammed in 70 vocoded drumloops and 7 vocoded drumkits to help add depth to your tracks.

This pack focuses more on individual sounds and hits rather than pre-made musical loops or phrases. We did include a handful of music loops and a load of original drumloops, but the heart and soul of DnB Void is in the one-shot sounds that allow you to program your own original loops and melodies. There are enough new and fresh DnB-style sounds here to keep you coming back to this collection again and again. Whether you like your DnB tracks hard and distorted (ala DJ Shadow and Lunatic Calm), or super fine and clean with sweet analog pads (ala LTJ Bukem), you'll find the right sounds here - come dig into the Dark Side of Dnb - You can't escape the void!

These .wav's will also work directly with the AKAI S5000 & S6000, Roland SP-606 or any other hardware or software sampler that can read standard .wav samples.

Detail Contents:
Basses Folder - 21MB, 75 bass samples (each tuned to "C")
Drum Kits Folder - 19MB, 3 drumkits (50 sounds each)
Drumloops Folder - 164MB, 150 programmed drumloops + 8 "live-drummer" acoustic drumloops, 1 live drumroll (all at 150bpm)
FX Folder - 80MKB, 85 fx samples
Misc. Chords Folder - 45MB, 75 chord samples (Am, B7, Cm, Csus4, Em, Fm)
Misc. Music Loops Folder - 35MB, 32 misc. musical loops and phrases (misc. keys)
Pads Folder - 140MB, 75 pad samples (each tuned to "C")
Sub Basses Folder - 4MB, 12 sub bass samples (each tuned to "C")
Synths Folder - 68MB, 75 synth samples (each tuned to "C")
Vocoded Drumloops Folder - 75MB, 70 vocoded drumloops in the keys of (A, B, C, D, E, F, G)
Vocoded Drum Kits Folder - 2MB, 70 vocoded drumsounds in the keys of (A, B, C, D, E, F, G)
Z_Demo Samples Folder - 31MB, 112 demo samples


- 550 Mb Complete Pack Content.
- 16 bits / 44.1khz
- PC/MAC Compatible (Logic, Cubase, Live, Reason, SonyAcid, Fruity loops, GarageBand, etc...)


- Wav


All of the content is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these audio loops in your music releases, both commercial and underground, with no restrictions.

How to Order:

Simply click BUY "Add to Cart". When you finish your order, click "checkout". If you are a new costumer you need create an account, if you are a returning costumer only fill up the form. Your Download Link will be sent in you account in Loophunter immediately after your payment has been received.
For any problem send a email info@loophunter.com

*Note: The previews are low resolution MP3s. The quality of the files you will receive will of course be much higher, uncompressed WAV-AIFF, stereo, 44k, 16-24 bit.

Producer: Electronisouns

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